"Advanced Training for Inspecting HVAC Systems for Home Inspectors" online course

Just starting in… let’s do this!

Doing the course. Looking forward to all the information

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Good luck, Enjoy!!

Just starting the course. I spent 20 years in HVAC business but have been out of it for several years. It will be interesting to see the changes. I’m looking forward to all the information as well.

I’m getting started on Advanced HVAC now!

Hi my name is Joe Caldarola , looking forward to this course to help expand my knowledge in the field

Hi, This is Peter Martin. I’m looking forward to learning more with this course.

Starting the advanced HVAC course now and look forward to it.

Starting the course now. Looks challenging.

Hello, My name is Dave Davis from Du Quoin, IL.

Beginning course

Beginning Advanced Training for Inspecting HVAC Systems course

Starting now.

beginning the course now.

Starting Course now

Hello my name is William I’m looking forward in learning more HVAC. Since I work as an apprentice I’m hoping to gain more knowledge from this class as former inspector

Beginning the course

Starting the course.

Starting the course today

Just want to confirm, I heard Bill Mele say (in part 3 i believe) that it’s OK for a high efficiency furnace to have intake/fresh air from within the space, meaning the pvc pipe doesn’t have to be ducted to the exterior. I’ve seen this at a few inspections now and not exactly sure if this was correct or incorrect installation.