InterNACHI releases new FREE Inspecting HVAC Energy Efficiency online course.

Inspecting HVAC Energy Efficiency

Hi Ben,

Good course. Just wanted to point out a couple things.

**The last 2 questions on Quiz 4 are identical.

Under the Boilers & Hydronic Heating section…for radiant floor heating, the wrong graphic is on this page. It’s one of a circulating boiler.

The third thing is that when I was done with the course prior to taking the test, a link appeared saying something like "you can still particiapte in the on-line discussion ect…"I cliked the link and posted the above, and later sawe that I had been taken to a different thread…the one below

From “25 Standards Every Inspector Should Know” course - Page 22 - InterNACHI Inspection Forum](

Thanks Walt. I’ll have that corrected.

Quiz fixed.
New images in slide fixed:
Link fixed.

Walt, email me your shipping address please.


Thanks Nick!