Adverse Weather

In what weather conditions do you call off an inspection?
Thunderstorms? Snowing? Heavy Rain?

Just curious, cause it can be a pain to reschedule an inspection if your busy.


Stephen Rager

Rain, snow and storms are the best time to inspect. Then you know if the house is water tight and can hold up

Rain never… Ice or snow… depending upon driving conditions as much as anything. If roads closed or police telling us to stay off, then it is a consideration. Depends upon where on lives to a large degree. We had freezing rain most of today, but roads well salted so driving not an issue.

Only once in 13 years The day I cut the end of my Finger with a power saw.
Did inspections the next day .

^ This.

I don’t have much snow in my area, but inspecting while it is raining is great.

You are the man!

Well, I confess I have had more than one. But will also state that in each case it was not me who requested the cancellation/re-booking.

I’ve never cancelled due to weather, but many agent and clients have given me the day off due to snow.

There isn’t a heck of a lot that will get me to cancel an inspection…

Yesterdays inspection (Sunday)… Temp. -4f degrees, Wind chill -34f degrees, windy as all get out, snow w/drifts against home and on roof. No Realtors present. No homeowner present. Client showed at beginning to pay and sign paperwork, then left and returned at the end for a walkthrough.

Typical MN winter.

Cancelling doesn’t pay the bills and keep food on the table!


I’ve not cancelled, but I’ve had the client cancel. I have a big 4wd truck, i’ll get there.

Don’t cancel here… Farming don’t stop so the trucks roll…have had storms that caused me to drop back by to finish something outside it not cancelled anything yet…

I’ve only cancelled once. I had to drive 1.5 hours north to do an inspection. I had rained the day before and then the temperature dropped to below freezing that night. The road report was that numerous vehicles were in the ditch and traffic was down to 40kmh on the highway. Decided it was not worth going.

I’ve never canceled. But if there is snow/ice on the roof I inspect it from the ground or the ladder. My client told me once that I looked like Mary Poppins because I was walking across the top of the roof with an umbrella. Haha

I’m sure you misunderstood… he meant “Merry” Poppins! :mrgreen:

Only cancelled once when I arrived to see the Fire Department spot checking for any remaining embers and hot spots… :shock: Weather wise, once due to flooding. Nobody could get to the house without a boat, sort of like a lot of areas in Western Washington today.

Thanks for all the replies!

same here. after last years terrible winter, I got a 4WD for those county inspections. its hard enough to keep a schedule WITHOUT making changes. I used to work outside in this weather all day. Im pretty sure I can handle the 20 minutes here and there while on an inspection.

Rough start today for a 14K square foot commercial building. glad it’s suppose to warm up :smiley: