Inspection if it rains

New to the business, how do you approach a
Home Inspection if it rains ? Do you still do it ?

Pyramid Home Inspection

Bring an umbrella.

…and a big, fluffy, towel. :smiley:

Exactly as any other day ,It could effect how I do the Roof I might not walk it but it also has advantages with the rain in finding wet spots in the sheating and basements that you might not see.
And water going over or behind the gutters.
I have a rain suit and umberlla.


Yes you do.

I have a Frogg rainsuit. Works great.

I have a rainsuit for me and an umbrella for my client…they appreciate it. :smiley:

poncho…umbrella…whatever it takes.

You might want to bring a spare pair of shoes to change into for the interior portion of the inspection.

All those tips are good. I also like to open a garage door and back my capped truck halfway into it so I can work out of the bed of the truck, stay dry and access my tools.

I then can remove all the disclosure statements in my report concerning the inability to evaluate roofs, gutters, site drainage, moisture intrusion.

Just do not open electrical panels and appliances that could get water inside them (danger to the inspector). I limit my HAVC inspection (which is non-standard to what most HI’s would do anyway) as we have package units and heat pumps around here and the electronics are very sensitive to moisture.

And, I take care not to damage my electronic test gear and camera!

Otherwise, it’s business as usual.

I actually enjoy inspecting in the rain. I get to detect wet spots more easily.

I have four umbrellas in the back of my truck for my clients and their relatives. Nobody gets wet.

Bring your rain suit, umbrella for you and the client, but leave the umbrella home for the listing agent, they usually are already wet anyways. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You wouldn’t want to inspect in Oregon, it rains about every other day here.

Unless you’re there for an extended time in a deluge, I would not do that.

Otherwise, just get wet and stay off of the roof.

In Moreno Valley?

thanks everybody
Pyramid Home Inspection

I inspect when it’s sunny or rainy, hot or cold. I don’t always like it, but it goes with the job.

I agree with most everyone else, it gives you the chance to inspect items that are not normally visible or operational during pleasant weather conditions. I carry a poncho and umberella and keep my Dig.Camera going. It sometimes feels funny when I start stripping down out of my wet clothes, once I enter the house to inspect the interior.

Actually, I feel better about my job and findings on the project, when I’m working in those nasty times.

Get a rhythm to how you approach your H/I’s and you’ll be fine.

In Washington, if we didn’t inspect when it rains, we would all shut down between November and June. In the rain I don’t do anything different, only wear rain gear in the crawl space (most of us here have webbed feet and oily feathers). Am a lot more cautious about going on roofs. I lowere the pitch that I’m willing to walk down to 4/12.

Last summer…48" chimney no cricket…water stains in attic (dry) behind the chimney…stains (dry) in the bedroom ceiling directly under the attic and behind the chimney…hadn’t rained for several days (uncommon).

The buyer wanted the house so badly that he refused to believe my diagnosis and bought the house.

One month later he called me…heavy rain for three days…ceiling was collapsing (small area, about 12" long, 3" from the wall)…said it was my fault because I didn’t warn him it could happen.

Yes, I did…read the report, he followed along…said he couldn’t understand the report. I told him I could, and if a simple-minded person like me could understand it, so could a judge.

Haven’t heard from him since…