what in any ones words would be the best way to advertise, i have been running it through my head and my capital for advertising is very very low, and just trying to figure out what mistakes anyone has learned to do or not to do when advertising, just wanna make sure im not wasting what ever amount I have on advertising that just doesnt work…

Who are the best people to communicate with as far as getting your name out there when you first start off?

Thanks for any assistance

Adam, this sounds like a what works for you poll. Very good.

Why don’t you start a what didn’t work for you poll also. Just a thought.


I spent about $6000 last year on print advertising alone. Some works, some doesn’t. It all depends on many factors. Trial and error mostly. But since I make all this big money as a home inspector that’s a drop in the bucket.

I would forget about using a poll for this kind of question. First off none of the choices are what I would have chosen. One, you need to think about the name of your company very carefully and chose something that will portray exactly what you want it to and make it one that people will remember easily and will put you at or near the front of the pile. DO NOT waste your money on gimmicks like plastic phone book covers, trinkets and trash that no one wants or can use. Once you get your business license (be it occupational or whatever) you will be receiving lots and lots of calls from other vendors who will want you to buy their services and products, etc. Stand by because it will come and the basstages will not take NO for an answer. You have to be firm, if they persist, hang up on them. Depending on where you live and if there is a Talking Phone book that might be one easy way to get your name out. Usually the first couple of years is real cheap and easy to pay for itself while getting established. Get a website up and running as soon as possible. Today, most people use the INTERNET. I get calls from people all over the world (just did an inspection for a couple in Naples, Italy who are coming here in March). That is why your company name is so important. Ive seen HI companies whose name does not give a clue they are inspecting homes. They could be selling Amway for all you could tell from the name. Most people in the beginning try to meet local Realtors or even go so far as join the local Realtors Association. I did and it helped a little but soon lost its luster after being hounded for donations of every color and stripe. I do not recommend paying anything for the privilege of being listed with any Realtor as they tend to use their preferred Inspectors anyway. It takes time and effort. Go to the marketing section of the BB and read and read and read the threads. It will not happen overnight. Be cautious of those will tell you their products and services will propel you to the top. There are all kinds of scammers on-line with HI listings that never show up on the search engines. Find one that does and use it if that floats your boat. It usually costs a few bucks, but we have people who are Nachi affiliates with working lists and sites for reasonable prices. Always think…most bang for my buck. Luck has nothing to do with, hard work does. Have a good time doing it. Now quit talking to us and get busy.:wink:

Exactly what Doug Edwards said…:smiley:

listen thanks alot, i can tell you put alot into it, i will defnintly keep al;l that in mind. what do you personally thik is thee best way to advertise tho, mailers or radio spots, anything at best?

WEBSITE … WEBSITE … WEBSITE. The only phone book I use is the one I keep in my car. If I am at home, it is strictly the internet.

Read Doug again .
As he says pick a simple name easy to remember .
Look at my web site use as little or as much as you want.
I spend a lot less then $1,000;00 .
Tried the agents Books no returns .
I make my own flyer’s and Cards have for ever.
For the cost of a Card I get a pen to give out with my card and flier.
Give them out to every one even have a holder in Local garage and car License Office.
Every one loves a free pen.
Remember you are starting into a business where 90% fail in the first three years so be frugal .
…Cookie Questions ask

thanks everyone, im definitly gonna take your advice, i always thought about the pen idea too, its one of the oly hand outs you can give out that someone will eventrully use, even if you throw the pen on the ground soeone will find it to use… thanks again

These sites give me the most clicks back to my main web page (free) (free) (very good) (InterNACHI seach engines)
and… google and yahoo pay per click ads
Plus organic hits from google and yahoo (free - very good)

Tip- always add the city you service in your text, to drive the most traffic back to your site.

Hope this helps.

Your own idea of post cards is a good one. You can get really professional looking post cards, custom printed to your likes at online companies like Vista Print.

You get to pick out the design (dozens and dozens to chose from) as well as other matching stationary needs. You may pay a little on the first order but afterwards they will offer you super deals almost weekly on all their products. I haven’t bought business cards in years because I took advantage of their deals and stocked up. I hand them out all over the place. If I see a bulletin board someplace I find out if I can put either one of my post cards up (over sized ones are the best) or business cards. Be aggressive. Once you get your company name, go find a good monogram shop to do your logo up, put it on some balls caps and wear them all the time. I get people who come up to me in stores and ask for my card because they see the hat or the company polo shirts I wear. Signs for your vehicle. YOu are advertising all the time as you drive. Ive seen people in the next car jotting down the number. Pick colors for your company that compliment your vehicle. Nothing says LBO (low budget operation) like cheap car signs with colors that clash with the car or truck. Look the part and you will feel the part. Be ready to talk to total strangers when out in your company gear. Have cards on you at all times. I keep some in my check book holder so they do not get smashed or bent. I have no idea what you look like but Ive seen some HI that look like Grizzley Adams with long shaggy hair and dirty boots, etc. That scares the bejeezus out of the women who are your best source of business. Most men out there think they can do their own inspections until the wife steps in and reminds them they can not change the spark plug in the lawn mower. Think about the image you present all the time. Have fun.

More startup advice and guidance can be found here:

Check out the message board links toward the bottom as they’ll point you to some threads that provide even more guidance.

I have to agree with Stephen. Whenever I need a service provider, the first thing I do is a Google search. Get a website, business cards, brochures and make up some referral rewards coupons and you should be off to a good start. Oh, lettering on your inspection vehicle and let EVERYONE you know that you are a home inspector. Good Luck!

Great article

If you ever want to upgrade on the pens, there was a member on this BB, who makes custom knives also. Don’t waste your money on the yellow pages. Small town papers will do a feature article on you real cheap. HTH

Don’t waste your money on the yellow pages. Ditto

A great web presence is a good start. You will get customers from your website and the referrals will start coming in.

Get a free website and free hosting forever here even if you have your own custom site… the more internet shelf space the better.

Then get listed on all these sites:
and if you qualify:


My first year was spent obtaining the necessary training to fulfill the Licensing requirements of Home Inspection, Radon Testing and WDI Business / Applicator.

Advertising is something you do ***After ***you have something to offer your Clients.

How true