Advice needed

I started my inspection business last October and am having a hard time getting work from realtors. It seems all of my inspections have been from “For Sale by Owner” or people that have searched through my web site. The good thing is everyone that has called for info, I have recieved work from them, but I cannot get realtors to buy in. Currenty I advertise through the Yellow pages, Web sites and have bulletins at local realty offices. Can someone please give me advise or tell me there success story. My e-mail address is Thank you.

Christopher try here: On my way to an inspection so can’t write too much. It takes time in this market for referrals. Do your best at all inspections, treat everyone with respect, and work for your client!

Good luck!

It does take time, be patient and persistent and consistent (thanks, RR).
What have you done so far to try to get the Realtors to “buy in”?

Remember, at this point you are a stranger to them right now. Who would you rather do business with a stranger or someone familiar? The idea is to move into that familiar category - it takes time sometimes.

If you already know where you are getting most of your business, concentrate on those areas mostly and cut out a niche market for yourself. Most of us started out slow. In my particular area I experienced the same thing 14 years ago you are now, in fact, most Realtors then literally hated HI and did not make any referrals. Get your website address in front of as many perspective buyers as you can. If the local FSBO offices have a periodical advertise in it for a time to see if you can build up a reputation w/o the Realtors. Many of us do not even solicit work from Realtors but now they call us out of the blue. Nothing wrong with putting your cards in their offices if they will let you but no need to buy any kneepads. It will come but anything worthwhile is going to require some effort on your part. Go volunteer for Habitat if you have some free time and have some T shirts with your logo made up to wear when you do go. Donate a few bucks to Habitat in your company’s name. People will remember that. It does not have to be much but at least an effort. And pass out business cards like a drug dealer, to anyone and everyone. Leave them all over the place. Go to VistaPrint and buy some then you will be inundated every week with all kinds of free or nearly free deals. I have thousands of business cards from them, and I only paid for the shipping.

Most of home inspectors work is done for buyers. If you always do your best to put the home buyers interest first, the realtors will eventually get pissed at you anyway. If you maintain responsibility to the buyer and high ethics in business, it will be tough to please the agents in the long run. I wouldn’t expect too much from them. It takes time so hang in there. I’m trudging along as a noob myself.


First rule of success in the inspection business… understand synergy. If you don’t understand the concept of synergy and why doing 10 things doesn’t have 10 times the effect but rather 150 times the effect, you will find it tough to succeed.

The whole purpose of is not for you to pick a few and see if they work. Do them all.