Need some big time help

Hi everybody. So got into this feeling that everything was on the level. I feel that I couldn’t be more wrong. So basically I’ve learned that realtors aren’t willing to give another inspector business basically because they don’t want an inspection. Even tried to learn what it takes to play ball with them by going on a ride along with other inspectors. What am I doing wrong? I’ve had four inspections in six months which resulted in four 5 star reviews. If it’s this hard, probably impossible to start this, I’ll just go back to my fishing job in alaska.

Hang in there. You are doing better than I did, starting out.
It took me four months to get my first job. I only did 14 my first year.
Fast forward a decade I did 10 houses this week. And a few mold tests. And a couple foundation certifications. That’s 15 houses visited this week.

It took me a few years to get busy. Once you get some momentum your business grows and grows. Keep getting those five-star reviews and you will get a reputation as a great inspector, and your phone will be ringing.

Good luck.


Starting a new inspection business can be very difficult. Realtors can be very resistant to using/referring a new inspector. You just have to keep trying, don’t quit your night job.

This might be one of your big problems


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It loaded fine for me.


Bert, did you click on the google lead under the map, where I circled?

No. I loaded his page from his InterNACHI profile.
I didn’t try the link you circled.

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I did a google search and I got the same error you got. Somehow Google has the wrong link.

Mark, right away, like right now, get on your Google business page and fix your link. If people can’t find you they can’t hire you.

Nice catch, Brian.


Omg. Thanks. I’ll fix it. But no reviews I haven’t got any Google reviews. I’ve gotten spectora and angis leads reviews. Thank you.

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Can you clarify about “on site services not available”. Sorry I don’t know what that means.

I saw those, very nice! I would try to migrate some customers over to Google for reviews.

I’m not sure how or why that is there, but it reads like you don’t leave the office. :smile:

Hang in there, tweak a few things and it should all work out.

Edit your profile on google business.
List the services you provide. E.g.
Home inspection
Radon testing
Mold inspection
Warranty inspection
Roof inspection

List your hours of operation
Service territory
Place of Business ( on site services)


Steer everyone to your Google reviews. Angi & Spectora reviews are next to useless for you search engine & Google rankings.


I did 13 inspections my first year. My website was a disaster. It can take up to 3 years to build your business.
From what I hear, Alaska fishing pays good dollars…

Did you build a google business page?


I use a company called Birdeye for reviews. I know there are other less expensive options but I wanted something professional and did not want to harass my clients by asking 200 times. They took us from 30 reviews to over 400.
Cornerstone Inspections


I agree with all the above. I also learned to make the agents job very easy. I call realtors when I complete the inspection and give them an update. I let them know when they will receive the report, and follow up with a courtesy call to ask if they have any questions. Don’t wait for them to call you. Make the process very smooth for them. They will eventually see that you are making their job easier. That’s when they will call you for continued work.

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