I am a new and upcoming Home Inspector in Virginia Beach, VA. I would like any advise or help that all you older more experienced inspectors have to offer me. Thank You and I hope to hear from you soon.
Thomas Willmott
Willmott Home Inspection

RUN…:wink: No just kidding. The best advice that I can give is to start reading all you can on this web site. To include the board. Some things on this board get a little crazy but for the most part you can find the answer to almost any inspection question you may have.
Welcome to the wacky world of HI.:stuck_out_tongue:

Market wisely and diversely. Educate yourself to the max. Most importantly, if you have not as of yet done an inspection, make sure you are totally comfortable with the inspection process and reporting process before doing a paid inspection. Practice, practice, practice.


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Then we can really work on you----:smiley:

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