Where to Start?

Hi Everyone!

I’m currently on my 19th year in the Navy and plan to retire soon. I’ve always been interested in being a Home Inspector and wanted to know where to start. I live in Virginia Beach, VA.


Welcome aboard Kevin,

First thing you need to find out is if Virginia has state Licensing for Home Inspectors. One of our Virginia brothers will be able to handle that. This site has tons of resources that you can use. Find out where a local NACHI chapter meeting is close to you, go to that meeting, introduce yourself and there will be plenty of people there that can help guide you through the process.

Good Luck

Some community colleges offer 80 hour home inspection courses that may be covered by your education benefits. I took that route and saved $2000 for the course alone not to mention computer courses, environmental courses, management courses, etc. etc. Use your benefits, you earned them.

Here’s a pretty good article for those thinking of becoming a Home Inspector…


Welcome Kevin