Viginia Home Inspection jobs

Have been dormant for about 2 years and I now want to rejoin the “brotherhood”. Looking for someone that desires to hire a qualified and experienced Inspector in the Richmond, VA area. I have a license in AZ and my own software and tools. Just looking for an opportunity. Not sure I want to fly solo again. If you have a position or know of companies that might be interested please contact me.

Email me your resume. Today is my wedding anniversary. I just spoke with my wife, and we need to be able to put trust in another inspector, if we hire him. Include certifications. If we decide to hire you then you will become an InterNACHI member and abide by the COE and STANDARDS OF PRACTICE.

Mr. Dodgen

I live a few miles from you. How soon are you wanting a job?

Dennis, I have received your info. There was a problem sending an email to you, so I sent you a pretty legnthy personal message, here on InterNACHI’s message board.

I know that it has been a while so go to the top of your screen on the right hand side. Under your name you will see 1 new message from maltizer.

Please take my advice to heart and reply to me with a lot of thought and careful consideration.

Contact Juan, as well. I have never spoke with this Marine/Home Inspector but I respect him. Be prepared for Juan to ask some tough questions as well.

Good luck either way and welcome back to InterNACHI.