AFCI in manufactured housing

Inspected a manufactured structure today. It was manufactured in 2005 in VT and set in NH. I know that somewhere around 2001-2003 AFCI came into play with bedrooms in single family homes. Does this rule apply with manufactured homes as well? Should this 2005 manufactured home have AFCI in the bedrooms? I would assume so.

Enlighten me please.

Thank you.

Manufactured/mobile homes fall under Federal guidelines (HUD). Find an email address for Gerry Beaumont. He would be able to answer this for you.

Hi to all,

Thanks Jeff, I spoke with Scott and it sounds like the unit was designed for an outside disconnect (so the Interior panel would be a sub) however the panel is being fed through a back-fed 100amp so the interior panel is the main. Needless to say the installation has issues and Scott will be calling for evaluation of the grounding and bonding systems in his report.

BTW getting back to the other bit of the question HUD has not as yet adopted the AFCI codes