Manufactured/Mobile Homes and GFCI outlets

I have a question…What’s the deal with manufactured homes built in the 90’s and not having GFCI outlets in the kitchen or laundry rooms? Didn’t the GFCI code go into effect in the late 80’s?

One of these homes had a refurbished kitchen.

Just wondering if there is something I missed.

Thank you in advance…


It all depends on the HUD requirement at that time.

More areas that require protection are added every couple years or so.

Thanks Roy… I have been doing some research on this and discovered that the HUD code in 2001 used the NEC code for 1993 which states the use of GFCI’s in kitchens, bathrooms, outside, etc… It’s just mind boggling when you see this stuff and get grief when you point it out. Moving on…hahaha!

GFCI protection is not required in a laundry room currently in FL unless there is a sink within 6’. Manufactured homes are under HUD compliance rules, not building codes, and may differ. Just recommend GFCI protection for safety and move on.

Thanks Brad! Moving on…