After 7 1/2 years....

After 7 1/2 years of doing inspections for GrantWorks and almost 5 years of doing Home Inspections on the weekends I have turned in my two weeks notice. The only inspections I’ll be doing now will be for myself!

Good for you .I was lucky only ever worked for my self after being Trained by my son .


Stop making the other guy rich…:slight_smile:



This is an excellent time to go out on your own.

With home sales in ATX at a 9 year high and new areas to market I do believe that you are correct sir!!

As Nancy Reagan used to say: “If someone offers you a job… just say no.” And if someone offers you a steady job… run!

UGH…yet I continue to work for others these days…:wink: Congrats !

I did the same trading a 8 Hr per day corp america job for a 16 hour per day self employment job:roll:

best of luck!

Good luck! I’m sure you will do well!