Inspection Retirement

Thanks to everyone. It’s been a great career, but I took my doctors advice and recently retired from inspection. Some of you may recall I fell through an attic floor six months ago and injured my left shoulder pretty bad.


Erol Kartal

Good Luck Erol!

Whoa, Erol that took me by surprise. Good luck on the new choice.

Tough decision but I had no choice. Knee is getting bad too…

I’ll always be hanging out here posting my worthless two cents. It’s great entertainment too. :cool:

Take care of yourself Erol. Enjoy life while you can. :slight_smile:

Guess that explains the dead website link.
What are your plans for income?

Back to commercial HVAC contract sales. Excellent pay but weekly sales meetings make me want to jump off a bridge. :twisted:

Best Of luck with that Erol…:smiley:

Make it a short jump into some refreshing swimming water, enjoy hope to retire some day.

I retired from inspections about a year ago (I still do inspections for referrals from previous clients) and enjoy “picking and choosing” inspections. It didn’t take falling through the ceiling to convince me it is time–just old age creeping up (on-rushing) on me.

I get a whole lot more time time to work in the garden and the yard (then why doesn’t it look any better?)–and it sure beats soap opera.

Of course, this board is the most “soap-opera-ish” form of entertainment there is.

Best wishes to you, Erol, and maybe I’ll see you at the early morning McDonald’s Retirement Sessions. (Old folks seem to migrate to McD’s when they retire)

Which reminds me…I stopped at a McDonald’s several months ago to get a burrito. The old guys at the table nearby suggested that I’ll be joining them soon. We shared pleasantries for a moment–then we learned that I was older than any of them, but not ready to give it up to McD’s in the A.M.


At 52 I still have quite a few working years ahead of me. Because of my 401K nightmare, I’ll have to work until I drop.

That’s a pain we all feel, I betcha…

48% loss in two years…Thank God it was moderate risk fund. :neutral:

Have a good one and thanks for the camera it will be well used;-)

Good luck Erol. Hope to see you on the board.

Talk to Nick, maybe you could be a Nachi vendor. :stuck_out_tongue:

Chris, I’ll sell glow in the dark INACHI logos to help service technicians find the air handlers. :lol:

Best of luck Erol. Be careful on that knee.

Best of luck to you, Erol.

All the best Erol and take care of yourself.

I was wondering where you were at! :cool: Special thanks to you Rick, for offering to help me and to Linas who gave me a commercial inspection. I’ll still be around. INACHI is fun!