After many years... it's time to buy physical gold again folks.

Price is less than the costs to mine it.

My main stuff is with gold when it was $650 :slight_smile:

5/2/10, 9:13 PM

5/2/10, 9:13 PM

And the price at the time of these statements was… $1182.95.

The highest it got was $1921.41 on Sept. 7, 2011. Never made $2k and never got near $5k.

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"Re: After many years… it’s time to buy physical gold again folks."

O.K. sounds good! Go ahead and buy a few pounds and send it my way! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like you have some gold you want to unload.

Who thinks this looks like a good investment? If so, I’ve got some swampland in Florida…Hey guys “they aren’t making any more swampland!”

1 Year Return

5 Year Return

Guns are a much sounder investment, so long as you don’t buy the wrong type during periods of hysteria when prices of some types of firearms spike.

I invest heavily in precious metals with the sole metal being lead! :D:p

It hit $1,160 today. I haven’t bought gold in many years (been patient), but today (Aug 15, 2018 ) was the day. I pulled the trigger and went in big time.

Called the bottom:

The bottom of the dip:


Baloney you did.

How do you figure? It went down to Mid August (note date of this thread start) then right back up since. How is that not a dip?

Here is the entire year:


You are assuming it won’t test previous lo below 1100.

I am. It won’t ever go below $1160 again… where I recommended (in this message board thread) to buy.

Shiny metal with poor upside.

“Shiny metal” that has been a store of value for 6,000 years. Central banks all over the world don’t stock diamonds or $100 bills for a reason.

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Anyone know why Motel 6 is called Motel 6?

gold and silver bugs have been saying for years-buy, buy, buy.


And has gold maintained its purchasing power over the years?

Do you know why Motel 6 is called Motel 6?

Gold is currently priced what it was 9 years ago. LOLOL