Age for Dayton furnace needed.


would like code conversion as well, there are 2

Yes there is but nether match Your series

got a model number?


The standard web chart does not help.

Made by york 2004 sound about right?

That seems about right.
What made you think York ?

Will try York conversion for other as well.

Model number Bob

OK still no idea how that helped unless you did a Google search or have a photographic memory however.:slight_smile:

I Looked up the model number Bob came up under york

Looks like a typical York/Unitary products serial number.
The data tag likely indicates Unitary products somewhere even though the brand name states “Dayton”
I’ve encountered similar serial codes with Evcon, Luxaire, and Coleman brands as they are all manufactured by Unitary products (York). It’s hard to keep up with who purchased who and sold to which company.

Regardless, 2nd and 4th digits indicate year of manufacture.