Age of a Climatrol Oil Furnace

Age of a Climatrol Oil Furnace. Model W219-110. Serial# 8-MAF
I am unable to find this in my copy of the Preston’s Guide. Any thoughts out there? It’s an oil unit converted to gas. I am guessing it’s a 1970’s model.

Hi Gerald,

As you say it is not in Prestons, but similar numbering systems were used by them back into the mid 60’s, and as the unit started out as an oil unit and was subsequently converted to gas my guess that that was done back in the early - mid 70’s when the country started to convert over to natural rather than town gas. My best guess would have to be mid - late 60’s at the latest, either way 60’s or 70’s it’s getting be be a rather old low efficiecy unit.



Thanks Gary, I agree. I’ll use those numbers.

August 1966.

Thanks Ray, Where did you find this?

In my HVAC research. Someday I might publish all that I have. It would make a good companion book to Preston’s and the TRG.