Age of Metzger Machine corp oil furnace

I inspected a home yesterday and the oil furnace was made by Metzger Machine Corp. Home was built in 1965, A/C unit installed in 1996.

Oil furnace model WHB0-10A, Ser # 6903-5X2. The furnace doesn’t look old enough to be from 1969 and doesn’t look new enough to be from 2003. I can’t find a link to decode the serial #.

Anyone familiar with this? Don’t have a lot of oil furnaces here.


I don’t have any coding for this manufacturer. Looking at the jacket color, I’m willing to bet it’s 20+.

Simply give them a call tomorrow…

Metzger Machine Co.



Thanks for the phone number. I’ll give them a call.


I believe that model was manufactured for them by Williamson, the model number appears to be one of theirs made between 1994 and 2000ish



You may be able to info off the Becket burner too.

I appreciate the help guys. Gerry, you might be right since the air conditioner was installed in 1996.