Heil oil furnace age

Sorry to bother you all on the weekend, but I have been searching the posts looking for some help with a furnace age, here are the particulars
Heil oil furnace;
Model #'s OUF105A12A/NOUF105a12B
Ser# 297448
I do more reading than posting and try not to bother to much, thanks for all the help you guy’s and gal’s provide.

Does feb 97 seem right?

I am not sure all of the charts refer to the ser# as having more numbers and and starting with a letter. I just noticed it has an energy usage tag on it so I am going to google that and se when they started using them, thanks for the response.

According to this, Terry, 1997 is correct.

Thanks James that was the best source I found but most of the post and other sources refereed to having A letter or more numbers I think the number was 9, the reason I was interested the buyers were told the equipment in the house was about 4 years old including the water heater that has a date of 1983, thanks to all for your help.