Age of Furnace

I have a Bryant furnace I am trying to date but I do not know how.

Model # 349HAV048100
Serial # 1700V00106

I want to say july 2000 but I’m not sure


Louis Agudo

17TH week and year 2000.

Thank you Jae.

Is that the formula for all furnaces?

Hi Lou,

Preston’s lists '97-2000
btu-100,000 and AFUE of 80

if you don’t have prestons guide you might find it handy


Louis, no unfortunately they all mark them differently. Preston’s guide is usually fairly accurate, but…

Carla, you beat me to it.

I find the Technical Reference Guide to be more useful than Prestons.

Russel…do you have a link for the Technical Reference Guide?


I keep the link stored at

About Homes INF-0072

Thank you all for the info. I will be purchasing them shortly.

Louis Agudo