Heat pump/(a/c) unit identification

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a house with a Carrier heat pump/ (a/c) unit. Right now it is currently not working or it trips the breaker in the house immediately as I am told by the inspector of the house. Anyway I am just curious about some information on the unit such as what year it was built is it a good model unit or how many btu’s it is etc. Basically some literature on it. I checked carriers website with no results. (maybe its a dinosaur)
I have attached a photo of the label on the unit itself.


Thanks for any information guys it is greatly appreciated.

3 ton

Just curious if this is correct, I thought I read that it was March of 2001 unit as indicated by the production on the tag and that it was 2 ton with a 11.5 Seer. Just curious how you got 1997 3ton?

The sticker in your photo is for a 3 ton condensing unit, dated 1997.

Maybe the air handler or FAU is different and that’s where you read those numbers.


That is from the information on the data plate you provided , as someone else mentioned perhaps the inside unit is different

Didn’t your inspector tell you when it was manufactured?

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Hahaha you guys crack me up. No the inspector was of the HUD home before the house was listed. I was not present for the inspection. In the report I read “HVAC problem breaker trips immediately”. I wanted to get information on the unit so I am inquiring. I had found a user manual for a 38ykc and it was copyrighted in 2001 and I saw the -------301-------- on the unit so I though march of 2001. Guess I was wrong. Thanks for you help guys.