Agent Lists / Database

Does anyone know when NACHI’s agent database was last updated or if it will be updated soon?


Does anyone deal with with a good database company I can purchase a list from (up to date and accurate)

The info I am looking for: Agents name, company, address, phone # and Email.

Mike - go to your local Board of Realtors to purchase a list of Realtors in your area. Their list is updated every year.

You don’t have to buy it…

Yes I have that list, is there a way to convert it to a .csv file? We have several different boards in this area and not all of them provide lists of their members.

That would be a technical question. I’ve actually entered my list manually. 18,000+ addresses in my INACHI database…

How’s biz BTW?

I was just in Bakersfield last week on a job. I’m going up I-5 tomorrow on my way to Roseville for two jobs. I’m guessing its way foggy up there, no?

Way foggy yes!!! Thick as pea soup, cant see past the hood of my truck, drive down the road with my door open so I can see the lines in the road:shock:

Business has been good all year about 36 to 45 inspections per month.

There is a program called Anagram that allows you to cpture data and add it to your contacts in Outllok. You can download a free 45 day trial from here.

or you can download Spartan -multi-clipboard,that I am always posting about.