Data Base for local realtors

Didnt NACHI create a data base where one could look up contact info for local agents? I have searched but unable to find.

Thanks ahead of time.

Here you go, Mike…

I new it was here somewhere.

Thanks Buddy.

Great link, Thanks.

Alot better than coping and pasting from the MLS.


Actually, if you have access to your MLS, it’s a much better resource than the NACHI database since most MLS’s, if not all, require their members to update their information with 24-48 hours of it changing. NACHI doesn’t keep it’s files that up-to-date.

Additionally, major brokerage web sites are usually updated weekly, so those are more great resources.

I checked the NACHI database when it was released with my own database and found the NACHI database about 26,000 Realtors short for my County. However, out of the names that were in it, almost all of them were correct.

I think the database is at least a year old at this point, so with the downtown in the market and Realtors “retiring” in droves, it might be even more out of date.

Also remember that many MLS’s prohibit “unauthorized” use of the information in their database, so beware.