Agent moonlighting as electrician

Today I was challenged by a Seller Agent who said there is nothing wrong with this electrical panel (GOULD 1978) and my listed defects and recommendation for evaluation by Licensed Electrician was not necessary. He qualified his self by making it a point that he was an electrician in his past life. An just for grins I also added a couple of other photo’s that were ok to him too. I asked him to provide his qualification of the items to my customer in writing and email me a copy too. The Buyer Agent thank me for standing firm. You be the judge. How many defects can you find in the panel. -(

More than I care to list, Nice Job John…!!

Some wacko’s out there----:shock:

WTF who does this kind of work???

Hope I NEVER run into this crap

i firmly believe there is a reason why some people need to be pistol whipped, and you just gave another

Possible comeback:

“In that case, I suppose its a really good thing you are a real estate agent now. At least now, no one will get killed by your incompetence.”

My thoughts exactly…“I can see now why you are no longer an electrician, because you suck at it.”

lol…calling one’s self an Electrician and REALLY being considered an Electrician is two different things. I am sure he called himself one but i would probably be willing to guess that he was never licensed as one. ( unless ofcourse he was grandfathered in…sigh)

next time tell the agent/electrician “If I would have MISSED two more questions on my test, I would have been an electrician”

Well…I think electrical exams are a bit tougher than that…I can guarantee that much.

Today I recieved followup email from my customer with attached copy of an email from the home owner that states the electrian inspected the panel and that it was “installed and maintain correctly” . The email also had statement at the end by the electrian that he agrees with the Home owners comment. The emai is not from the electrian but from the home owner. I know my customer is be yanked around. Would you get involve or have any comments how I should respond. I want to let my customer.know that they need the qualification directy from the electrian on a company letter head with his signiture and phone number. My recommendation reported was for the buyer to hire the electrian but it looks like the sellers agent or home owner got someone to do the work for them. I can’t believe a professional electrician would say this panel is ok with all the double lugging and over crowding of wire to mention just a few.

I would reply to the client, that what they are “hearing” is “hearsay”, and that they should request that the defects that you pointed out be addressed directly by a qualified electrician on company letterhead. That which you pointed out is wrong, and if anything happens to the home (like a fire) they will be the ones responsible for it.

I would not comment on hearsay, I would just state that all qualified, licensed professionals will put there observations in writing on company letterhead, just as your Home Inspector has done.