Aging out a Senville Mini/split

Cant find anything online, when I called Senville they had no idea the age and could only tell me its a “newer” system. The guy told me the serial number doesn’t matter on these and wont tell you the age, but it literally says see barcode for produced date? Anyone else have any luck aging these out ? This may be an age unknown thing in my report but I hate doing that. Thanks for any help with this

2001 likely

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Since it conforms to 1995 standards, an educated guess of mine would say 2001.

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I doubt it’s that old. Looks much newer.
R-410 mini-splits weren’t that widely used in 2001, and the sticker is too crisp.


That 1995 was the first thing that I saw too but it turns out its not like an ANSI date on a water heater, I watched an install video from 2018 on youtube and that unit had the same 1995 stamp on it. The sticker does look too new, Im going to try and call again today maybe I will get someone who is a little more helpful.

Thanks Roy thats the number I called yesterday, not very helpful over there

Intertek A/C units are sold under several brands, perhaps Senville doesn’t know exactly what they resell.label

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240 th day of 2017 ??

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That’s what I’m thinking.

I was under the impression Intertek was the testing facility that just checked performance

Intertek has been testing HVAC/R equipment for over six decades and has partnered with AHRI for over 50 years. Our engineers verify that HVAC/R equipment used in North America and abroad meets the performance claims of manufacturers when measured by standards established by AHRI.

Kind of like a testing laboratory

It is…

They test product to safety standards and are much larger than UL

I worked there. ETL SEMKO


Then some other entity is private labeling these machines, I see those stickers with different names, all look the same (as does the label).

Product Information: Trade Name(s): Brezza, Senville.

So I just called again and pretty much got the same response. So I told them how the label says check barcode for production date and then they said well yes it would be the production date lol. So supposedly they have to check with their engineers to get me a production date on this, hopefully I will hear back from them. Thanks for the help with this guys.

Normally I use this site to figure out manufacture dates but they don’t have anything on Senville either. I’ll share the link for posterity anyway.

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Thanks Bruce, same site I use for all my systems. Senville told me that model was only made in 2016-2017 so I wound up calling it a 2016. If you ever need to age a Senville there support is awful.

I too was needing info on Senville component age. Fortunately, I had three systems to review data on today and comparing all 6 s/n’s for differences, I determined that it’s possible the production age is the two digits in the 5th & 6th places from the end. In my case, the outside components would then be 2012 and the inside components 2013. BTW, that matches the “16” in the same positions supplied by Drew.

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