Lennox Mini-Split age

Hello Building Intelligence doesn’t cover mini-splits. Have units with longer digit S/N’s: 2403666610977150160249. Following Lennox tradition, the 3rd & 4th digits would be Year 2003. Can someone confirm?

Do you have a photo of the complete data tag?

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Hello Jr Scott,

Here you go


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Did I miss something in the reply?

I get May-2017
What for others to chime in.

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2003 would put the unit at 19 years. Does it look that old?

I’m with Robert, 2017 but can’t verify.

No, it didn’t look that old. They have the longest S/N’s numbers and mini-splits are not addressed in Building Intelligence website or any help from our friends at Google. :slight_smile:

Most mini-splits, no matter the brand, are imported from factories that use cryptic S/N codes in the same category as Bradford White water heaters. They are not made in the same plants as their same-name traditional HVAC equipment.

Makes sense as this one is clearly marked “Made in China”

The year of manufacture of a Lennox mini-split HVAC system is at the 12th digit in their long serial number on the condenser data plate, similar to several other Chinese imports sold by American companies with their nameplate added. So, be ready to count carefully to locate it. For this serial number 2403666610977150160249 it would be 2017. These units were not imported in the 2000s, so this system will not be a problem until further into the 2020s. See www.howtolookatahouse.com for other a/c serial number references.


Thank you very much Richard. That was a big and timely response.