Heatcraft Model Number

Hi all, is anyone familiar with the Heatcraft Brand ? Can’t find anything on BIC…just want to confirm age, fairly sure it it s 2 ton. I’ll be back Monday to look at it again. Just thought maybe someone has seen these Heatcraft units before as I have not. Not sure what the last digit is as can’t really make it out.
Thanks so much. Happy New Year


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Thanks Jeff! Happy New Year…

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Chip, The vast majority of the time I see the Serial Number used for the date marking. It may be too simplistic to assume the same here with 93-225. Could it be the 225th unit built in 1993? Don’t know for sure by any means, so JJ’s link is probably best to confirm.

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Thanks Thomas, I was thinking about that as that would make sense as far as how old it looks but I went ahead and submitted Heatcraft a question online and hopefully they will reply. Thanks again.


Be sure to let us know if they reply, and what they said.

Time to upgrade is the age.

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That machine is old enough that it uses R22 refrigerant, which is no longer produced, and hard to find for maintenance/tune-ups.


In my experience in Atlanta, it has not been hard to find. But, it is coming.

Here is the time line:

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Been almost a year. Did you hear from them yet?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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