Agreement accepted by AB Government

I apologize, but this is the first time I have come into a forum here and frankly I don’t have the time right now to figure it all out so I am posting under the profile of one of the inspectors profile’s who is employed by me. I will contact InterNACHI later about my own sign in, etc (I am using Dan Merrell’s with his permission because its the fastest way right now to get you this message.
My company’s contract was accepted and we have our business lic number and all inspectors have their lic numbers. I tried to keep every liability issue in tact that I could and I am pleased with the outcome. If you are an inspector who has applied before the Sept 1 deadline but itis hung up on the contract, please email me at and we can discuss using mine until it all gets sorted out. Several members have used it and I heard they were issued their licence. Just offering a helping hand if it would be helpful to anyone right now.
Pamela Merrell
AccuHome Inspections Inc