First post ever.

Trying to come up with a good agreement for my new business here in the Seattle area.

I have looked at many of them that other inspectors are using around here.

There seems to be so many variations, that I don’t know where to start.

I did notice a post on 7/13/14 by Billy Boerner and was wondering if it would be one I could use?


I use InterNACHI’s agreement

Huge mistake. InterNACHI has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on this issue. You really have no business trying to “come up” with your own agreement. It would be like trying to “come up” with your own high blood pressure medicine.

I recommend two things for you (one is free, the other is $299/year):

So if we sign-up with Mark today this will only cover inspections performed After today; correct?

Example we get a complaint Two months from now from an inspection performed Four months ago, we’re Not “covered”.

*"guidance regarding any complaint, threat of litigation, or lawsuit arising from inspections performed after your enrollment date in “Counsel On Call.” *

Correct. But I don’t want you to get the impression that Mark is a greedy little attorney who wants everyone to pay him now. Mark needs to help you now, even though you don’t believe it today. The time for him to consult with you and to help you get your house in order is BEFORE you get a claim. Once you get a claim, it’s almost too late to call Mark. He’s not just an expert in inspection agreements. He also wrote a book of strategies to pierce corporate veils… so he knows what you need to do to protect your assets in this business. But you have to do those things right… right now. Asset protection is about preparation. Those same asset protection steps taken after getting a complaint are often acts of fraudulent transfer.