Agreements for mold and air quality collection

Is there a service agreement/contract available for clients to sign for mold collection and air quality collection?

I’m sure there is. At least I wouldn’t do one without an agreement but, alas, I have none…sorry.

Someone will be along shortly to help you out. :smile:

I found one on this website for mold collection, I think. And I’m wondering if I would be allowed to add to it, with the aid of my lawyer, to include air quality collection.

I don’t see why not. After all you are just collecting samples and you will learn how too do it right, I’m sure. :smile:

Get certified as a mold inspector and add the mold inspection agreement to your agreements.

Never really understood the mold for gold routine. There are no published standards and no cut points at which you can say you have too much mold or OK mold. About all you can say is at the time of inspection you had more mold spores in the house air then outside air(or vice versa). Regular use of the air handler could change that for better or worse. Whether its dangerous or harmless is way out of our expertise and would depend on the individuals allergies and specific health. If you test for mold you better be heavy with the disclaimers. Mold is everywhere!
Having said all that, a mentor of mine once replied, “But people want it!” They want sex, drugs, and rock and roll too, but they’ll have to go elsewhere.

Good luck

Thanks all, but I do believe I’ll be using the agreement from InterNACHI, with the help of my lawyer to modify the document. All I’ll be doing is collecting swabs or air quality samples, and then shipping them to the lab. The lab emails me back with results, then I forward to the client. I’m just the messenger. I don’t even have my equipment yet, but have a good source for that stuff. My business is not going to open until mid-July, so I have plenty of time to fine tune everything. Thanks to everyone who wrote in.

What a Crock!..Kudos to you! :smile:

Ha Ha! I’ve heard them all (about my last name, of course). But yeah, waiting on my lawyer to confirm my edits to the InterNACHI mold agreement. As soon as he ok’s, I’ll be good. Or as good as I could be.