AIBQ and ANIEB to merge - again...ADOPT A-770 SOP's

It has come to our attention that, during an extraordinary meeting yesterday (Dec. 13), the above Québec Inspector Associations decided to merge. This is the second such attempt (the first one was a few years ago and seemingly did not work…).

As well, AIBQ seems to have officially decided to adopt the CAHPI - imposed A-770 Standards of Practice and presumably will replace their present SOP’s. Note that the A-770 SOP’s are very controversial and presumably will have to be accepted by the Real Estate Board (as a, recognized Inspector Association like InterNACHI-Québec is).


Could this have any effect on Ontario in the future ???

Contrary to my earlier posting, I was given erroneous information and the AIBQ/ANIEB REJECTED the CAHPI imposed SOP’s

Sorry about the error!


Too bad there loss , Thanks for trying … Roy

Sort of interesting ,There’sa National Standard for you…can’t even get the National association to adoptit!!!

Certainly not what one expected, Roy.



I read a PDF last week explaining how the OACIQ and AIBQ worked in collaboration for Quebec’s provincial home inspection standard. If the A770 was to be positioned as Quebec’s new home inspection SOP wouldn’t the OACIQ need to get involved as well?

Just my take -

The CSA Home Inspection Standard has no significance unless it is made “mandatory” by each and every province, hence a truly accepted “National Standard”.

It seems that other H.I. standards have equally been given recognition through past precedence and recognition in the various courts within Canada.

I concur.
Thanks for your input.

These thing,s happen at least they where talking and could possibly be talking again .

It would be great if we could have other Canadian associations talking to each other .
I think it is very sad that from what I see there is no communications between the other associations .
It would be great if we as home inspectors could get our leaders to sit and talk with each other .

Actually some do talk to each other. One good example is when CHIA (Canadian Home Inspectors Alliance) was formed to provide a common front to discuss and make changes in the CSA Home Inspection Standard, but than again politics often creeps back in.

Another good example is when a real DACUM was offered by opening it up to other associations, not just members of one select group.

Yes Roy I agree, it’s too bad we can’t seem to get together, hence the push to license those that cannot seem to handle self-regulation.

Not to correct your input but CHIA was comprised of 20 Home Inspection Profession leaders that represented their Home Inspection associations and other industry agencies.

I can’t remember when precisely but Nick offer to host such a meeting. I concur with both of you. That would be a great thing.

The NACHI forum seems like the only open to all Canadian Home Inspectors that gets much use I wonder why it seems to me that little information filters down to the Canadian Home Inspectors .
( Actually some do talk to each other. ) This sounds kind of selfish to me

Not to be picky but- 20+ is certainly better than one group or association controlling the industry. Honestly I don’t remember if Nick offered to host such a meeting. But certainly there was representation from NACHI affiliated associations.

Having attended that meeting it was constructive and led by an independent consultant.

Simply the net results put pressure and showed a unanimous agreement that drastic changes need to be considered in the final draft of the “proposed CSA Home Inspection” Standard. The final results certainly seemed more aligned to what home inspectors do than the original draft that was first released.

Canadian Home Inspectors Alliance) Interesting some how I missed this group can you tell me what they have accomplished and why we in the home Inspection industry have not been better notified what is happening I see the date at this web site is about a year old ?? Why do I keep getting a bad taste in my mouth .
Some how this does not feel proper to me …

As you can see from your weblink you provided, there is a list of the original attendees. That list grew after several meetings, and it was intended to be filtered down to members.

Based on the goals -

Meeting participants unanimously agreed to establish a Task Force of home inspectors to voice industry concerns regarding the CSA A770 standard from an industry perspective and provide a format where the industry could offer back to the authority information that could help better define a workable standard.

Following on from this meeting it was identified that there was much the various participants could offer to the profession without having to give-up their own independence, and a decision was made to form a cross Canada, non-partisan federated alliance of organisations that represent the 4,000 plus Home Inspectors working in Canada.

The vision is for the Alliance to work together to address multiple subjects that affect the profession, including consumer protection, development and advocacy of the Home Inspection Profession outreach to the public and recognition of the profession as a respected service.

Follow-up - The net result the alliance achieved their objectives, and we now have a CSA Home Inspection Standard for Home Inspectors that was modified. Perhaps not fully enough, but it certainly is much more tolerable than what was in the original draft.

Whether one chooses or is otherwise mandated to follow it, is based on regulatory requirements. Currently I believe NO province has made the CSA Standard mandatory to follow.

Hope this helps clarify your concern. It certainly provides evidence that associations can work together on common interest.

I recall the CHIA (Canadian Home Inspectors Alliance) and when it started getting organized for the A770 redraft if I am not mistaken.
Thanks for the information, Claude.

The way I read this is the are a
( Looks like they were a group of protectionists. )

Why has there not being more information posted so all Inspector’s have some idea of what is going on .

Maybe it’s because you don’t belong to a Canadian association (e.g. OACHI, interNACHI-Quebec, PHPIC,) I was informed about them by my association.

There’s been a number of links and previous references offered in the past if you do a search on this forum site. Regarding protectionist - I feel it was a collaborative effort to invoke constructive change of something that did not sit well with home inspectors. Simply too many idealist expectations pushed by consumers adding a higher level of risk on home inspectors.

Regarding more info…I’m not sure what more needs to be offered than invoking change by a show of unanimous “association and other stakeholders support” in collectively writing CSA about making “reasonable” changes.

The final version addressed much of that change, but basically it was up to the CSA Technical Committee to decide the final version.