qUEBEC INACHI inspector need help!

I am asking for all INACHI members to sign this petition so our industry stays focused on aiding the client. Not the realtor.
Thank you.
The grievance: This is the association AIBQ and the QOPT** ( Order of Professional Technologists ) which does not even list Home Inspection as one of its categories, will regulate the HI industry (pre-purchase only) in Québec**. So there are** 2 fronts here**, one having to do with a semi-governmental regulatory body (OACIQ) and the other with a Professional Order created under - and subject to - the laws of the Québec Professional Code.
If no opposition is undertaken by any and all inspectors and inspector associations, it basically will severely restrict the practice to very select group, to say the least. This is scheduled to become effective January 15 2012. hat the grievance is about.

[FONT=verdana][size=3]Please add your name.
I will be sending in a petition to the QOPT and other regulatory bodies in Quebec.
It can happen in your state or province.
Thank you for helping the home inspection industry stay focused.
No one association should be singled out.
We all have our merits to separate our abilities…
Robert Young

Jonathan Renaud : Les Inspections résidentielles INOX

Thanks for the heads up Robert, Personally, I do not believe that this will happen as it would mean that all AIBQ (Who may ne insurable) and who still call themselves inspectors would have to report to QOPT for every inspection approval and this means that inspection fees could blow out of proportion.

Marc-Andre Beauchemin B.A. of Brossard:

The official reason, according to the groups is “the inspectors’ desire to become professionals”. The “Tekkies” who are now involved in pre-purchase inspections have an atrocious claims against record and pay skyrocketing rates!

I’m betting that it won’t fly.


Well here we are 2 years later. Heads up because I have it through the grape vine the AIBQ are making a push though the ministry of quebec. Which one. It matters not.
“There are 2 associations” making a bid to CONTROL the Quebec industry.
you will have no say nor will association.
You will be allowed to socialize. That is all.

You heard it here at InterNACHI MIPGC first again!.

The MCIQ was disbanded for several reasons. My opin nature being my achilles heal.
The MIPGC is designed to help aspiring Junior inspectors be there best.

I make no move to the OACIQ. For that talk to G. larin.
All the best.
PS: Get your buttucs in gear and pull together.
No joke.

Eh bien nous y voilà 2 ans plus tard. heads up parce que je l’ai grâce à la vigne l’AIBQ font une poussée si le ministère. Il ya 2 associations font une tentative de contrôle de l’industrie québécoise.
Vous l’avez entendu ici au InterNACHI MIPGC nouveau la première!.
Le MCIQ a été dissoute pour plusieurs raisons. Ma nature opi être mon talon d’Achille.
Le MIPGC est conçu pour aider les aspirants inspecteurs juniors être qu’il ya de mieux.
Je ne fais pas passer à l’OACIQ. Pour que parler à G. larin.
Tout le meilleur.

For what it’s worth ROBERT, and for reasons I can’t release in a blog (email me and I’ll give you a full briefing) this situation is NOT a problem!


Perhaps, ROBERT you should listen to Nick and CHILL-OUT!


Gilles I am stating the **fACTS **and not meaning to upset you.
Sorry if it does.
I think members should be aware that 2 association in Quebec are talking two a particular ministers. I have it on authority. be it right or wrong I am letting members know.

Are you aware?
They are proposing forming to form regulatory body. It will make headway.
My statement was in an effort to help you create your objective.

Gilles without any miscommunication, I think leaders talk to their members Gillers.
So if you wish to invite yourself to my blogs then be prepared to say something.
I was doing this in an effort to get you looked at.
So please sir. leave me alone.

Look whom started this blog. #1
Thank you Gilles.

I had a blog going the other day. You walk in say I have nothing to Quebec Internachi and YOUR endeavor to the OACIQ.

Expect a smile.

You know my feelings towards you.
Just back away Gilles everyone knows you have you agenda and I have mine.
As expressed, I will be passing my membership by most likely next year.
Good day sir. Look in the mirror and soul search.