I remember CMHI was promoting CAHPI association home inspectors as the first place to go when looking for a home inspector.**
I have sent an email to **Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec (OACIQ) to include every Canadian and American home inspection associations. To allow all home inspectors that have passed there certification and are in good standing the right to be addressed.
2 emails sent. Still no reply.
I ask you to voice your concerns. This is an affront to fellow associations, the home inspection industry and to the free trade laws that stand in our province.
Please lift up your voice to be heard.

The AIBQ has concluded an agreement for the recognition of its member building inspectors

MONTREAL, July 28, 2011 /CNW Telbec/ - The Quebec Association of Building Inspectors (AIBQ) is particularly proud to be the first association having successfully concluded with the Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec (OACIQ) an agreement for the recognition of its member building inspectors. The outcome of this agreement is of great interest for all home buyers and also for real estate brokers.
Henceforth, all home buyers can be referred by a Real Estate Broker to a recognized Home Inspector whose name appears on a list of inspectors published by the AIBQ. The home buyer is thus, assured that the recognized Home Inspector listed meets the requirements of the Real Estate Brokerage Act and its regulation. “This agreement will increase the confidence of consumers who will be better protected when dealing with a recognized home inspector who is a member of the AIBQ”, has declared AIBQ president, Mr. Albert Arduini.

Hi Robert,

Send a complaint to the Competition Bureau of Canada.

Thank you Marcel.
I know several INACHI members associated with the AIBQ. I hope they speak out.
More to the story. The President of the AIBQ may have a history and ties to the (OACIQ) in one form or another. I say this Without prejudice. It is hearsay. I am looking deeper.
I am waiting to get as many associations and their home inspectors, as I can. Members from all over Canada and hopefully the USA as well.
This is an industry statement.
Roy Cooke posted this months ago. I sent a email off that day.
The more signatures I can add to the many emails and letters I will be sending out will only make my single voice have greater representation.
I also want other voices to involve themselves for the sake of the UNREGULATED INDUSTRY IN QUEBEC,
Our industry has to come together and enact fair play for all.:slight_smile:
Get involved plaese Marcel. I know you are solid in character, intelligent, devoted to the industry.
Thank you.

Unfortunately Robert, this is only part of the challenge! Please refer to my earlier posting as:

  1. Further to the above, as I understand this as of today, the Regulating Agency in Québec (OACIQ, created by a Québec law in 2010) will, it seems, not only amend its regulations in favor of AIBQ members or possibly other groups as long as they can comply with their standards, BUT these will also be obligated to join the Québec Order of Professional Technologists (QOPT, in fact its already on their website ) who presently have no provision for it**. In other words, a Professional Order, which does not even list Home Inspection as one of its categories, will regulate the HI industry (pre-purchase only) in Québec. **So there are 2 fronts here, one having to do with a semi-governmental regulatory body (OACIQ) and the other with a Professional Order created under - and subject to - the laws of the Québec Professional Code.
  2. This is a complex and clever move, no doubt, and if no opposition is undertaken by any and all inspectors and inspector associations, it basically will severely restrict the practice to very select group, to say the least. This is scheduled to become effective January 15 2012.
  3. **How will this affect Québec Home Inspectors who are not part of this select group? **You can’t sell real estate in Québec as a business (this has nothing to do with private sales) without being a licensed member of the OACIQ. And approximately 90% of all real estate sales are made through agents. **This means that the OACIQ, as a result of amending its regulations (articles 80,81 et al…), will force real estate agents to recommend exclusively AIBQ /QOPT members for pre-purchase home inspections! **And, as this is an internal regulation, agents who don’t abide by it can be subject to disciplinary action and/or permit cancellation. Bottom line, if you are not part of that select group, real estate agents probably won’t be recommending you!
  4. Why is this happening? Well the “official” motive seems to be that “There has been a long desire on the part of HI to join a Professional Order”, and the QOPT and AIBQ have made a deal where qualifying AIBQ members will be able to join the QOPT as a new chapter (unclear). What is interesting is that there is presently no HI category in the existing QOPT and one wonders how and when this will happen. In order to “lock-up” exclusivity of HI practice exclusively for technicians (QOPT), then the Québec Professional Code would have to be amended by the Government of Québec, and amidst several attempts in the last 20 years, this has not happened once! So if the “tekkies” can’t lock-up exclusivity of practice, then the way to do it is through the OACIQ rules, and that seems to be what the game plan is.

That’s the “simple” version, at least the way I understand it as of today.


Thank you Mr.G. Lorin.
You have always proven yourself to be transparent and invested in the home inspection industry.:slight_smile:
A.) No sir. Deceitful intentions.
B.) That is my point.
Regulation will be enacted by a hypocritical bunch of Brokers and Home inspection association aiding there bottom financial line and creating power. Another wasted Association thoughtless attempt at control.
CMHC listened and acted accordingly.
I ask everyone to help.

AIBQ. ***130 members holds that much power?

Sir Home Inspector and brokers working together are a conflict of interest.

Guys, we need to unite. Robert, what can i do.

Get us a meeting with the PTB and I’ll come up.

And what does ‘‘PTB’’ stans for?

I think it is Powers to be , In other words who ever is in Charge … Roy

Powers That Be- PTB

PTB : push the button…pass the buck…pretty tall blonde…pass the beer!!

sorry couldn’t resist!

Sorry Patric. My computer came under attack.:mad:
I have been off the board for weeks.We need all Quebec INACHI members to come together. Members from Ontario and other provinces.
We need to get other association to get behind this assault Patrick.
Sorry. I only found your posy today.
I am back.
Members of Parliament and the Competition bureau.
Need Nick.s help , Roy cooks and Vern Michenson’s to advise.

Scot could use any help what so ever.
Licensing and regulation is coming to your province to.
Thanks mate.

I have been in touch with local MP’s no such thing on their agenda …Yet! I have really spread the word about the ridiculous policies that Alberta has put in place…like the lifetime responsibility issue doctors and lawyers don’t have that amount of responsibility. I have told Realtors and customers that because of government changes to the industry inspection fees will go through the roof.
I have also been in touch with a few higher ups in the insurance business about this ridiculous monopoly by insurance companies and the carrying of E and O. The whole idea of insurance is simple it is a bottomless pit from which despicable people can get easy money IMHO
Robert you know that I will help in whatever way I can…take Nick up on his offer it is a great starting point!

Just sent off the first of many letters to QOPT ( Quebec order of professionals technologist ) Scot.
Getting Nick on board once I formulate my strategy.
I want it to be on several fronts.
I am formulating a petition.
I will ask all INACHI MEMBERS TO SIGN IT. Canadian and US members.
Trying to gather all Quebec INACVHI members.
Thanks Scot.:slight_smile:

The more the better, Robert. Congratulations on your effort!


OK a petition is being drawn up. It will be PDF and it will be able to be downloaded or email to any one that so wishes to do so.
Nick Gromicko has given me his blessing and oppted to do a meeting is they so desire.
I have communicated with the Professional order of technologist in Quebec to understand there prerequisites to become a members. Charter bill 101 is there official standing. They sited s.35 of the charter.
Good morning Mr. Young,

Thank you for your interest in joining the OTPQ.

  1. We do not have application form in English

‘’The professional corporations shall not issue permits in Québec except to persons whose knowledge of the official language is appropriate to the practice of their professions.” (Charter of the French language, s.35).

If you want to become member you ought to have an academic understanding of French, three years of full-time study, collegial level or higher.All our documents and exam are in French, see documents attached.

  1. Our admission criteria is a 3 years collegial program in technology (architectural, building, civil, building systems or estimating/evaluation).

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you need more information.

Here is the competition burreau of Canada again.

I am working 15 to 17 hour days doing facade water tight, a french drainage and re-sloping a lot.
Need the winter skiing money. Love my ACC and back country.
Scot May from EyeSpy inspections in Ontario is working on the text and PDF.
Thank you all for your support.
Keep posted.
PS: Sorry for the long post.