Does anyone know this Canadian national association -ANIEB?

Gilles Larin
2e Vice-président

This just gets more convoluted all the time.

Now we have a NHICC holder belonging to a competing association CAHPI, the same body that over saw the first fiasco with Nat. Cert.

One big happy family, no affiliations, no conflicts, contradictions… hmmmm…

Yes it is primarily in Quebec.
Association Nationale des Inspecteurs et Experts. (National Building Inspectors and Experts Association)
President Gerald Smith.

I have know Gerald for many years, a very good inspector - man!

I am getting confuse:
ANIEB, NHICC, CAHPI, AIBQ, PHPIC. Could you please explain what relationship between them, which one is recognized in Quebec.


I see palm trees on your website homepage; should there not be Maple Leafs instead!

Quebec is renowned for maple syrup and sugar pie…

Food for thoughts!

Which part you don’t understand?

Perhaps, we could have it translated for you, professionaly…

Raymond has his “facts” wrong!

Anieb has **NOTHING **to do with CAHPI!


Anything coming from you needs translating!:mrgreen:

For clarification - the NHICC has registrant/members from many associations and some from no association. That is one of the National Certification Program mandates.

The NHICC also do not discourage or restrict inspectors from belonging to multiple associations if they choose; or even having silly requirements making mandatory logo display requirements. Those are personal business decisions - in my opinion.

I also agree with Gilles - “Anieb has **NOTHING **to do with CAHPI!” and to my knowledge in meeting and dealing with their directors, never have!

Another one? LOL! It’s getting totally ridiculous up there.

As Jim Bushart once said:

At least all the Canadian acronyms are from various parts of a very large country.

How about all these that were almost all created and owned by one man, all under one roof in Colorado ?? NACHI, iNACHI, CMI, CanNACHI, IAC2, CPI, CRI, AlbertaNACHI, CCHI, and on and on…

If you really want a laugh, go through that jumble. That doesn’t even include all the regional groups that have attached the NACHI name onto their regional name.

Bill Mullen

There is a big difference, no?

We have members.

My point, and Jim’s was that pulling letters out of the alphabet, changing their order around, and hoping that does the trick… is silly.

We could rename InterNACHI “The Intersupercalifragilisticexpialidocious Association” and inspectors would join from all over the world.


I don’t think Bill likes what Nachi has been able to do. Remember this is the guy along with his cronies who tried to get CREA (Cdn Real Estate Assoc) to lobby on behalf of PHPIC to persuade the provincial government in Ontario to licence home inspectors!

His little project and plans for the rest of us backfired when the whole scheme was exposed for what it is.

NO ONE should trust PHPIC and the NHICC to do what is right. The best thing these two associations could do for themselves and the rest of us they look down on is to ask for Mullens resignation.