AII treated me like Royalty this weekend. Thanks AII! You are a fine association IMHO

I was a speaker at AII’s national convention in Reno this weekend and was treated very well. I gave a talk on “How to Raise your Prices when your Competitors Charge Less” to a packed room.

AII’s President and Founder (both NACHI members) talked up NACHI the whole weekend.

By chance I sat next to AII’s Chairman Jim Maass on the way home Saturday night and the flight was way too short. We yapped about the future of the inspection industry the whole time and no one got any sleep. Very nice fella.

As far as raising prices go… I keep raising my price and
the orders keep coming… go figure. I am going to sub
out my other projects because the inspections keep running
over me.

Other than NACHI and CMI, AII is really the only other association who is doing work on the subject of our industry’s weak fees.

It was a pleasure to have Nick with us and to have the privelage of being part of the welcoming and introducing twosome. Only wish he could have been there for more of the conference schedule.

He contributed a great deal to think about. I have long (more than 5 yrs.) been a higher fee inspector, it never hurt my business, in a short while it increased the revenue. It also upgraded the type of buyers and homes I started to inspect. I believe serious buyers when shown why you are more expensive see the difference, expect to pay more and expect to get more value. Just make certain you give more value by being well trained and skillful with your reporting. Don’t be a used Yugo trying to get Mercedes prices.

Byron Duerksen proud to be a NACHI Member
President American Institute of Inspectors