Air and Water Quality Testing - DFW

Have a client that postponed an inspection this week on a property in the DFW area because of concerns she had found about some industrial activity in the area near the home. She called back today to go ahead with the inspection next week. She added that she was interested in possibly having some air and water quality testing done.

I do not do these types of tests and have never had them requested for the areas I normally serve. I do not even know exactly who you would call. I told her I would try and see what I could find out.

Anyone have any leads on who I might contact or refer her to?

Google Industrial Hygenist.

Call Randy Penn 214 236 5047. He does a lot of mold work and knows how the system works.

I had a similar concern on a location near the old Frisco lead smelter (right next to the tollway).

Thanks John. Knew the Industrial Hygienist part, was trying to get her more than that.

Ended up having her call the mold inspector I typically refer people to for bad moisture finds.

Not sure if they talked or not, but she canceled at the last minute during the Superbowl.