Air in Dishwasher Line

Our dishwasher groans loudly when in use. The only thing that helps at all is to run the water in the sink, though that doesn’t always work.

We were told to run all the faucets in the house at once to force out the air. Seemed to work at first, but quickly went back to the usual. Should we have run the water longer? I believe we ran it about 5 minutes.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks.

Replace your dishwasher :wink:

The water supply only takes a minute (there is not a continuous supply during the cycles of the dishwasher) so it doesn’t make any sense (at least to me) that running the faucets will help eliminate the noise.

Unless water is running back to the DW through the loop from the garbage dispsoal. I don’t get it either.

How old is the dishwasher? If it is new who installed it?

Well, I must admit it is pretty old; it was brand new in a brand new house 17 years ago!

But we never gave it as much use as the typical family (no kids) and outside of the noise, it works perfectly so we hoped for a simple solution.

Guess it’s on it’s last legs?

Bearings are failing. Replace them now.

Simply replace it.:slight_smile:

At 17 years old its probably close to needing replacment anyway, but if you are trying to save it you can check to make sure it is not plumbed wrong first, IE:needs to have an air gap(upward loop in the line) located above the level of the drain and attached to the underside of the counter, but if its plumbed right I also would suspect pump or bearings going bye-bye:roll:

Since we bought the house new with all new appliances at the same time, they are all breaking down in rapid succession now! Very expensive to replace all at once.

So gotta give your suggestions a try since the dishwasher works perfectly otherwise.

Thanks, will let you know of any success!:slight_smile: