does anyone have any idea how to fix or give me an idea
how to fix this. my DW has water in the tub abd wont pump out
. it has a air gap which goes to disposal and all hoses /air gap have been
checked and free of any objects but still no drainage, what do i do next.

Have you checked the drain inside the dishwasher for “gunk”? There is usually some type of strainer that can get clogged if you leave a lot of solids on the dishes. The disposal can also sometimes clog up the DW connection but that would normally result in water being forced out of the air-gap.

If none of those, then it’s possible that the pump has failed…in which case it’s time for the Maytag guy or a trip to the shiny new appliance store (depending on the age of the DW)!

Along the same lines of thinking that Richard has, check to see if there is a problem with the float. If this is sticking down due to food or gunk it will keep the pump from running as well.

Also look very closely for any clear plastic wrap in the bottom, its hard to see and a fairly common cause of clogs.

Does it appear to have power?

Check the pump motor. Mine had a stripped coupling. Maytag replaced the motor free under warranty. Had to remove and replace myself. Parts only warranty.

You haven’t recently installed/replaced your disposal by any chance?

Thanks for all your tips i will check them all and reply . you guys
are great.

Could also be the solenoid that trips the mechanical diverter valve. Usually runs about $40. for the part and is fairly easy to replace yourself. Could also check the spring to see if it has fallen off.

Power is fine . cleaned out all the screens where food may be clogged. Also
air gap is free . my disposal is original and does not always drain great but it works ,18 yrs old disposal. i checked all hoses and they are fine. starting to lean towards the pump. Andrew where is the float? DW is about 3yrs old. fairly new. i dont have diagram to show me the anatomy of a DW .
it is a Triton Quiet power 111 profile GE

If all else fails, look in the Yellow Pages under “appliance repair”.

The float will be in the bottom of the tub. I have seen two different shapes. I took a picture of mine maybe that will help you. The others I have seen are the same diameter but without the reduction at the top.




Thanks Andrew,i know which one it is now , i took off the cap and there is aplastic toggle like stem inside , what should i look for. thanks again guys

The diverter valve may be toast. Depending on the brand and design, the diverteir valve may be part of the pump assembly which means it can be one expensive part to replace or repair.

I had the similar problem on a 12 year old GE and decided that it was better to replace the whole unit rather than invest 30% of the replacement cost in repairs.


funny thing is it does drain completly sometimes


Try this link for repair help.
Its as great site full of diagrams, help and you can order parts at great prices. I’ve use them several times and have not been disappointed. Any chance its blocked at the disposal? Try pumping it into a bucket. Good luck.

Just make sure there isn’t something stuck in there that shouldn’t be and that it moves freely. My thought was that if it was stuck in the down position, it would be sending the wrong signal making the controller think the water had drained when in fact it didn’t.

I have used this site when my dishwasher wasn’t cleaning my dishes properly.

It has tons of great info on how to repair it yourself and the prices were really good, saved so much money replacing the part myself in comparison to hiring a repair technician!