** Can someone please help me try to troubleshoot: Put the dishwasher on and get waterhammer/vibration from plumbing pipes. When I turn on the water in the sink or in the laundry tub the problem stops and the dishwasher works great. Never had this before, may this be a plumbing problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU.**



System needs some type of anti water hammer device or a diaphragm type expansion tank.
The solenoid valve on the dishwasher is very quick closing and prone to causing hammer in non elastic piping.

Here is a long drawn out informative link

Thanks again gentlemen.


More information needed does it only do this when the water shuts of, then yes A shock absorber should do the trick.
If it is constant while the washer is filling, look for a loose washer in a shut of valve… Cookie…aterhammer.htm

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You may not have opened the water supply valve enough after the install.

Fully open the water supply valve for the DW, then 1/4 turn back towards closed unless you have 1/4 turn valves, then this wont work.

Now try your new DW