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Hi again guys
This is in regards to my post two weeks ago about my DW not draining the water and it sitting in the tub. Thanks for all your tips but just before i go and buy a new one i just want to also let you guys know that the dirty water from the tub never makes it to the air gap and to the disposal. it does not seem to pump any dirty water up the to the sink so i thought i wouldget one last and final idea from you guys before i buy a new one. everything else runs excellant . i still use it and manually drain the water myself when dishes are clean so any last ideas you may have please post them . thanks.

Sounds as if the pump has failed or is obstructed. . .

This wouldn’t require replacing the entire DW.

I agree. The pumps are not difficult in removing one the dishwasher is pulled out. If you hear the pump going during the drain cycle then look for blockages first then check that the impeller is properly attached to the shaft. If you don’t hear the pump going during the drian cycle then pull the pump and try a bench test. If its no good then order a new new one.

I once had the same problem. After some investigating I found that my problem was a mouse had chewed through the rubber waste line down near the floor. All of that waste water was going into my crawl space below. I replaced the hose and coated with epoxy fiberglass resin. Haven’t so much as a nibble on it since.


How to save a dishwasher from a mouse, click on CAT, and if it still persists click on 2 CATS. LOL
What is up with crawl spaces up in Ontario? Are there allot of those up there.?
Not to many in this area.

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Dish washer pumps do not like to dry out .
If going on vacation put in some windshield washer fluid run the pump to get the water out of the system and the washer fluid in
This is so it will not break if it gets cold .
Now put in a couple of onces of vegtable oil .
This stops the air from getting at the pump and drying it out .
You can also do this with a floor drain if your home is old and does not have a trickle system to
keep the trap full a couple of oz.vegtable oil add water no more smells .
Roy Cooke

That is good information Roy, but you forgot directions on how to get rid of the mouse? LOL

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Do you really want me to tell how to keep the mice from doing damage to you cottage all winter long .
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:smiley: I actually have two cats. Problem is that they are two well fed cats. :roll:

130 year old farm house - I take it for granted that mice are here. With the exception of the dishwasher we co-habitat farily well :smiley:

what is a bench test? how can i tell if the pump is working anyway?I have taken the pump out already and it is connected to the moltor as one piece $131.00 for the partWhat kind of test can i do to see if the pump is bad before spending $131.00 Thank to all of you again

Jerk the pump out of the machine and see if the pump “pumps”–if it doesn’t buy another one.