Air Vent Seminar Schedule, Free And Informative

Air Vent Seminar Schedule For 2009, With Free Registration Info

I always try to go every year, not so much anymore for the ventilation seminar, but more for the Question and Answer Section that immediately follows.

Also, I find it good networking to pass out your business card to the other atendees.

It is amazing to me, how FEW Roofing Contractors actually take the time to show up. The majority of the room is filled up with material suppliers staff and architects, plus a few groups of Roofers.

Here is the Registration Form and Seminar Dates and Locations for this years events.

By the way, just for showing up, you get either a free breakfast or lunch, plus a brand new Buck Knife in a sheath.

Hop up from your table immediately when the seminar is done to get yours. I waited because I was still awaiting additional questions and I missed out last year.


About how much $$$ does it set you back? I see there is one in my neck of the woods next week …

I posted it in the title.

It is free, except for the 2 hours of your time to attend.

I am going to the one in Schaumburg IL, on February 13th.


Thanks for the info, Ed. :slight_smile:
Too bad the one in my area was two weeks ago. :frowning:


You would think that since I attend practically every year, they would send out a notice to me, either regular mail or an e-mail notice, but NO, I have to look up the schedule every year myself and have actually missed a couple of them due to not having it scheduled in early enough.


Thanks for the info.

I will check into it.

Sweet, Manassas, Im in!