Airthings vendor

Does anyone have any contacts with Airthings? We’re looking to carry a few of their products but can’t get a hold of anyone at the company!

Thanks in advance.

There was a Rep that posted here a few months ago. Can’t recall is name, but maybe it was in or related to Airthings Radon Pro thread or something to that nature. I questioned him about discounts of InterNACHI members and it was left at “we’ll look into it”…

Found the thread…Good Luck!!

Thanks Thomas I appreciate it.

Quite an interesting thread but I’ll reach out as well!

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That should be your sign

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I added another to my arsenal. Ordered online and had it on my door step 3 days later.

I agree with Christopher. Crappy customer service, when it should be #1.

Hello Brendan
This is Glen from the customer support team.
I don’t monitor to many chat rooms, but I try to pop in here once a month to see if there is anything I can help with. If you are still looking to purchase or rent you can try calling 833 776 2767 and select either sales or rental. They should be able to help you. If nobody answers leave a message and they will contact you for sure. Sorry for the delay. FYI, I believe in mid june there will be a promotion.
Normal price 1299 on sale June 7th for 899.
Hope this helps

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