What's a fair price for a radon test with a monitor?

I have ordered 2 Airthings Corentium Pro’s. I know every market is different, but I’m curious what you guys charge. Considering the monitor is being used for at least 48 hours, what do you think is a fair price per radon test?

Depends on the market, region and demand. Testing time duration, 48 hours plus and so forth. Lower markets start out $125 to $150 for 48 hour as free standing test. Higher markets may demand more. Do more research for the pricing in your market.


Thanks Thomas. By free standing do you mean without a home inspection?

Why aren’t you calling Radon Testing providers in your area?


I have and they seem to be all over the place in price.

BTW, what do you guys use for a stand for the Airthings Corentium Pro?

The Corentium Pro is threaded on the bottom for a common photography tripod (1/4" thread I think). I found some cheap ones on eBay and at garage sales.

Without an inspection, my radon testing starts at about $225. I may adjust the price down some if the property is very close by and/or if I have more free time.


Nice! I can’t remember if I already asked you but how many on average do you do per week?

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Thanks Ryan.

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That’s protected info, lol.


No problem lol.

Don’t know what that means. But now you have some ballpark figures. You want to be competitive but make enough to put bread on the table (cover your costs and profit a little).
After you do that for a while you 'll have a baseline for adjusting your fees. Don’t expect to hit the business running without adjusting your stride!


I see. Thanks Robert!

For cord powered radon monitors, do you use a battery pack?

The Corentium Pros’ I use do not need a power pack. They run on two AA batteries that get replaced when it is calibrated. I used to use SunRadon 1028s’ that needed to be plugged in. That meant dragging an extension cord around all the time, which got old quickly.

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I charge an added 175 with an inspection.

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Thanks Jennifer! How many do you do per week on average?

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It varies, with no normalcy. I always offer it, even if there is a current mitigation system. You’ll have a lot of requests every time the media reports on radon.
Top 2 selling points for me are:
1.The EPA recommends every home get tested.
2. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer deaths (in non smokers)
Retention to schedule future testing:

  1. Levels should be retested every 2 years as part of regular maintenance when mitigation systems are installed
  2. Homes (tested below action level) should be retested every 5 years due to constant changes and fluctuations in environment, home, etc.

Make note of the myth regarding foundation types. EPA is a good citing source and has good info to use in making a flyer/report attachment for clients.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Thanks Jennifer!