All about grease traps and grease interceptors

The old threads on this topic have expired. This the first grease trap I’ve encountered:

This one is getting both garage automotive oils and kitchen waste, and I’m trying to figure out how to write up the necessary cleaning steps or services. Because of the mix of automotive oils, the disposal is more complicated.

See a video

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Bryce, if you know the disposal is more complex because of the mixture, why not just refer it out to a qualified grease hauling specialist…or, whatever they’re called?


They are going to convert it diesel anyway if I am not mistaken.


I gotta ask, why do you feel you should have to prescribe the solution to the issue here? My recommendation would be to contact a qualified grease interceptor pumping contractor.

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Because I want the referral to be correct. Do the companies cleaning restaurant grease traps deal with automotive grease? Is this instead hazardous waste? Is there a DIY option such as dumping it into straw then disposing of the straw?

Companies do not clean restaurant grease traps. Dishwasher’s do it. Usually daily. Grease retrieval companies pick up 55 gallon barrels of used fryer grease and grease trap grease from the hoods and grills, etc. in a restaurant kitchen. Just make a note of it in your report and move on.

Yes! Companies (due to environmental hazards) such as the one I posted above in your area, is who you need to contact for more information.


I agree 100%. Lack of knowledge from the OP will get him in trouble. Grease traps and sediment interceptors are two different animals all together.

Best to just make your reference in your report and move on.

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How do you know this? Can you see the pipes or did you use a dye test?

Maybe it’s an urban/rural thing. I spoke to several of the companies that do rounds of cleaning grease traps professionally, using a truck that resembles the honey bucket port-a-potty maintenance vehicles.

I did not know enough about this topic prior, to write my report. Now I’m up to speed at least for my area.

The greases are distinct, and there are both types. I was unable to pinpoint the source of the greases: and perhaps the kitchen grease is coming via the trash area.