Grease traps

I have been approached by the local municipality to do grease trap inspections for compliance purposes. They have never been inspected before and I am at a loss as to what I should charge for this type of special inspection
I am operating in Ontario, Canada.
Is there anyone out there that has been involved in this type of inspection?? and what would a reasonable fee be?

Just a thought but if I was bidding on something like this, a big factor would be if there would several in the same area at the same time. If I could block a full day and do several at once, the fee would be more reasonable than if I had to block off a morning for just one.

Do you know how to inspect a grease interceptor or grease trap?

Does you municipality allow you to complete these inspections or to offer this service?

Anyway, figure out the time to complete the work and multiply by your hourly rate.


Grease traps vary in size, are the traps for homes, schools, cafeterias, restaurants or garages. This is some of the information you will need to know before you bid on this. Most traps for commercial use have somewhat easy access, not so on the few I have seen on older homes. Do they need you to calculate the flow/drain rate. FYI: It’s recommended that a grease trap be drained/pumped out as soon as the food layers and grease occupy 25% of the trap’s space.

Used to work for TGI Fridays corporate. Most of our units had periodic maintenance by a company specializing in grease traps AND part of what they did was SUCK OUT the grease (kinda like pumping out a septic before inspecting). AFTERWARDS was when the grease traps were inspected