Grease Trap / Drum Trap

Hi I’m taking a Home Inspection class and we are puzzled about the difference between a Drum Trap and a Grease Trap:
Can someone enlighten us please. A pic or diagram would be great too.

David White


Welcome to NACHI.

A drum trap [FONT=Arial]is a plumbing fixture, (which is cylindrical in shape), which retains water as a seal, with an outlet at its top and an inlet at its base. Used in plumbing fixtures that are too low to the floor for installation of a P-trap.[/FONT]
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A grease trap [FONT=Arial]or interceptor is a passive device required by municipalities to stop grease, fat, oil, wax or debris from entering the city’s sanitary sewer system. Such materials cause blockages in the system, which cause backups and overflows. Traps and interceptors are designed to separate greasy materials from wastewater so that they can be removed before they enter the sewer system. These are found mostly in Restaurants or very busy cooking areas.[/FONT]
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