All Codes for FREE online


I didn’t know this was available until just now!

If it’s a law, the document has to be made available to the public. The easiest way to do that is online. You’ll note that they didn’t make it easy. It’s not a PDF and not searchable.

ICC has no legal obligation to make these public. The jurisdiction adopting it into law does.

ICC started this about three years ago. Remember, their main job is to promote the code and lobby for its acceptance. Not sell books. Publishing the code allows for it to be read by those considering its adoption without having to purchase anything in advance.

Local jurisdictions that adopt the code will have to specifically name particular appendixes in the ordinance for them to be accepted along with the entire code (i.e. Appendix A of the IBC). Thus, simply referring to the online code without also referring to the ordinance is incomplete and imprudent. Members of the public needing to refer to codes need to obtain them from the office of their AHJ, not on line, to ensure that they are getting all that they need to know.