Does anyone out there use the ICC CD’s to occasionally check for a specific code on new construction. I know I do not inspect for code, but on occasion I would like very much to see a code and how it is written. Some builders are very stubborn. I have all of the codes in book form - but would love a quicker searchable way to go. Any suggestions or thoughts.


I have the IRC and the NEC on disc and would not be without them, I always have a laptop with me but would not want to be dragging code books around all the time.



Thanks Gerry,
Who did you order from? Is ICC a 5 disc set?

I sure hope that if you are insepcting new construction you are looking for and citing code. After all, that is what a new construction inspection is all about.

I always quote code on new construction. However on occasion I would like to be able to search a CD rather than weed through pages of code books.