All County Basement water diverting, giigling lilttle...

Hmmm, more supposed, self proclaimed experts giggling as water comes out of wall BUTT umm duh, they don’t ‘GET’ how,where that water gets INTO the g dang wall.Typical inside system incompetence. according to duh shtty BBB, business started 2010, BBB dorks opened file 2011
Giggle giggle, tee heeeeee. ](,)](,)](,)](,)](*,)

You don’t think allowing water,salt,chemicals to CONTINUE to enter, to continually pass through blocks, to continually pass through,erode (to wear away, break down, sheesh!) the mortar joints between blocks can weaken,deteriorate blocks or the joints???
Then you eyeball the last 2 links,photos below…dumbazz.

Yes, most and maybe all inside system owners, salespeople,installers etc either either friggin don’t understand wtf they should OR maybe some get it but lie,misrepresent how and where the water most often is getting INTO the dang wall,basement and OBVIOUSLY do not fix it, don’t repair it, do NOT actaully WATERPROOF the problem!

Where are people’s friggin BRAINS on this-subject man?

Where do ya think that water is getting into the blocks!!!

You think somehow, magically that drilling holes in block walls and then installing interior systems really fixes these problems?!@#!???

NEGLIGENCE!!! This is self serving bulshhht aka fraud OR these inside system buttheads REALLY ARE…STOOOOOoooopid!!!

It’s one or the other.

THIS is how,where water gets into many blocks walls…
Through exterior cracks, cracked parging,openings around service lines where they comes through the dang basement wall,openings in-around-under basement windows,doors etc etc…and NO interior system repiars ANY of these! It’s impossible you knuckleheads!!!](,)](,)](*,)

Since inside system dorks do NOT find,locate,identify most peoples problems and of course do not fix,repiar them THEN…WATER is STILL getting INTO the BLOCKS!!!

EYEBALL what can happen to exterior,interior blocks when YOU don’t repair 'em…

This is part of what attaching crap to inside wall will hide,conceal.
And whatever garbage inside system company uses/places against part or all of the interior walls will also hide mold,efflorescence etc

Would you let water etc continually pass-through, enter your roof? HUH???
Would you let water continually pass through,enter open mortar joints on the outside of yer dang house???
Would you as home inspectors WRITE THIS UP on inspection reports?

Some ask, why doesn’t BubbaMilk-man talk to,write some in the media or buidling depts etc etc etc…i have!@#!@@##@!!@!!! lololol Fc , they don’t GET IT or don’t give a shtt! Thankfully, some HERE at Nachi get-it and some at Your Leaking, get it!

I’m a believer/Monkees
…‘What’s the use in posting, all Bubba gets is pain, when Bubba needed sunshine of his fcg brain…and then Bubba saw her jugs, now he’s a believer’
Erika Eleniak in Under Siege cake scene

Beavers r our furry-friends.

LOL Bubber!!!

You speak the truth oh so eloquently! :slight_smile:

lol and here i thought Erika in vid put em out there eloquently :mrgreen:
hope your doing well Mr Warner :wink:

Nice work Mark…!!!

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, you ain’t gonna stop water at the inside regardless if you have sand or blue-clay backfill, duh cracks NEED to be patched-waterproofed, EXACTLY as pictured…!

Fine looking job my friend.

Mark, you’re doing well on the first page of Google when I typed Inside Basement Water Diversion Systems.

Keep spreading the Word, perhaps it will be heard sooner or later.

I like the one numbskull explaining how well an Inside System works, below your post cached in Google…incredible…!

Thanks Dale :wink:
The inside system terds really are negligent,incompetent,misleading,misrepresenting most peoples actual problems…it’s TRUE.
…‘explaining inside systems’…like THESE 2…lolol

Shttt lolol, why your basement leaks…YOU have to realize the exterior of basement walls were NOT waterproofed and backfilled correctly!!! Jesus k man. Have ya ever seen any of these inside system companies post PHOTO’S like my dumb azz…huh? No. Well duuuuuuuhhhh, why ya think that is.

1:55, ‘water finds its way up-against your foundation’. Right! Up against foundation walls that weren’t waterproofed and backfilled correctly.
3:20…‘inside the basement, the cove…this is where we see alot of water pushing up n in’.
And for the NTH g dang time, eyeball my photos, and you’ll see why,where that water FIRST gets in on most basements from the outside and THENNNNNNNN will be seen at-along the cove!!!


300 dealers with a TON of money (to advertise bulshttt, to buy Hm Imp radio show hosts etc) versus, a few of us honest-experienced mfrs.
1:20 ish, yeah, your NOT finding-identifying people’s actual problems and not fixing them and instead installing plastic bulshttt…‘draining water out of the soil around your foundation’. Listen to these 2 and many others and then LOOK at those photos i’ve posted over and over…w tf !@#@!@@@!@

2:25 ish, ‘Often the basement walls leak (that part ya got right Skippy)…we need to have that wall water leak down into the system’. And of course they COVER the basement wall…got mold, got efflorescence etc?
Come on!!! I’ve NEVER covered,hid 1 basement wall, no part of any wall ever.

To those home improvement radio show HOSTS…eh, you terds who erroneously claim you care about people,your listeners, and yet highly recommend these inside system knotheads who lie and cheat people is friggin deplorable. G dang right.

You hosts, you actually ‘could’ help but you don’t. That’s either DUE TO your own incompetence on this-subject or simply because you get PAID from these scumball companies and you know what that means. That means you care more about making that quick buck. Your not interested in helping educate people, getting them all the facts, the right info on this subject, bullfcgshtt.

Home inspectors, realtors, Hm Imp radio show hosts etcccccccccccc,LOOKIE HERE,
click duh link and maybe learn something…
If you click the LAST 4 photos first, you’ll see the INSIDE problem area.
Last 4 pictures ya see paint peeling, efflorescence on blocks.
It was leaking,seeping in this-corner only. You do NOT see a crack when looking at this wall inside BUTT, that does NOT mean there isn’t an open crack++ on the outside, see other pictures.

This job cost about $900 versus what? An interior shttball system that would NOT stop the water from coming in, would not stop the efflorescence etc and would cost MORE!
Why do soooo many SEEMINGLY smart people get bulllshtttt’d by OBVIOUS crooks.

This homeowner, like many others said she only would get water in basement,along bottom of wall/floor on long,heavier rains. Well, THAT was because there was concrete on the outside and because the exterior cracks,cracked parging were thin,hairline cracks

G dammmmmmit, YES…lol, water went THROUGH the cracked parging etc,INTO the holow blocks and then showed up in the basement ONLY along bottom of wall/floor.
The problem was not, is NOT the grade, not the stupid slope of the concrete, not the downspout etc. The problem(s) are,were the exterior cracks PERIOD. Anyone who says otherwise just doesn’t ‘GET-IT’!!!

So, when SOME HI’s are doing their inspections in duh basement and they see shtt like this, most of the time its due to what the heck is shown,proved in the photos. When MOST realtors see this, you people need to get yer heads on right and quit telling potential buyers etc that YOU think/you know the problem is the grade, thats absolute BS. I know you don’t wanna hear it but tough-tittttties, you just want the SALE to go through quickly so you get yer stinking money,yep.

Thanks again Mr D.

In the Court of the Crimson King