See the incompetent morons drilling holes on inside block wall, then if you can

yeah THINK, ya see they already popped out the perimeter FLOOR, correct??? lol

Okay so think, imagine if you will the water that is getting into the blocks, on the OUTSIDE of the wall, can, sometimes does go UNDER some peoples basement FLOORS and can accumulate, build UP under your stupid floor and then come UP either along the perimeter or UP through floor cracks

Here, in this short video is where the water FIRST enters most of the time
NOTE— this crack and many other EXT cracks are not visible when you look at the inside of the dumb azz wall

So when your putz azz installs an INT system and these yoyo’s drill holes in your block walls, like they accomplished something, they are full of shtt! Yes they are. Water will continue to enter into these block, brick walls UNTIL you find/identify the REAL problem (s) and fix 'em correctly, water will continue to penetrate into these walls. You’ve been scammed people, deceived, lied-to, oh yes you have.


Mark speaks the truth! I just wish there were more guys like Mark in my area. We have plenty of the 'interior water proofing" azzes here!

That’s how they do it now days, Mark. Get with the times, brother! :roll_eyes: :smirk: :wink: :joy: :rofl:


Only guy I could get to give me an estimate wanted 10 grand for interior system and that didn’t include putting things back together, or taking everything apart, just the system. Noped out on that, sold the house with full disclosure!

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Susan, what state are you in ? And just wondering were you getting water in basement in just 1 or 2 areas or, along ONE wall only or, all the way around?

I am in Western Maryland, a couple years ago we had water the ground could not hold for months. We were already in the process of selling and had never had water in the previous 9 years. There wasn’t much coming in and seemed to be seeping through the pores in the concrete blocks, almost felt it better than you could see it. Half the basement was finished though, couldn’t see the walls but the carpet was damp, it all needed to come out. Seemed to be almost all around with it primarily being from the back and on the side, which is how gravity would draw the water in, the front yard ended at a ditch at the road. We dropped the price to accommodate and updated the disclosure. I believe some exterior waterproofing would have benefited the house (built in the 50’s, evidence of patch near basement stairway), but really believe that the current owner will not have any issues unless we have full ground saturation for an extended timeframe again. I can’t be sure of that of course.

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Yeah MD, have seen quite a few INT scammers around you guys, scary lol.

Susan, did you have clean out drains in your basement, basement floor, at that house? just wondering

There was a French drain around the unfinished side of the basement that flowed to the overflow drain near the washer and laundry sink. There was what seemed to be a tube/pipe through the wall that allowed some water in that would sit in the French drain. The washer and dryer were on opposite sides of the room, the dryer hid the tube. There was never water in the french drain until the whole town was flooding and I never noticed the pipe through the wall behind the dryer until then either. Do you have any idea what that was about, I would like to know in case I ever see another during an inspection. We could clean up the water with a towel, there was never much. That is all I remember, I don’t recall a clean out. There was a drain at the bottom of the basement stairs outside, we had it and the gutter drains snaked and all good, and clear.

was it 4" cast iron pipe through wall?

at 1:05 here in video, clean out… wondering if you guys had this

have seen quite a few homeowners who all of a sudden got water in their basements (never did b 4), during or just after a long, heavy rain and many of them simply needed this snaked aka rodded by good plumber. There were a few who needed part or all of the piping replaced where it goes out to the street because part or all of the pipe settled, cracked etc.

the INT system chumps never bring up this possible problem and solution to homeowners, i keep some of the texts i got from some of these homeowners who only needed this snaked to a) show others b) i love when homeowners THINK they have a big, costly problem and it turns out to be an $80–$150 snake job solution and they already had 1 or more INT system Bozo’s over who told them they needed their INT system and sump pump n quoted them $10,000–$25,000

to be CLEAR… lol, some homeowners get water in basement all along the perimeter, or most of it during or right after a heavy rain and they ONLY needed the clean out snaked, i kid you not!

Very true, Mark!
"some homeowners get water in basement all along the perimeter, or most of it during or right after a heavy rain and they ONLY needed the clean out snaked, i kid you not!

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Isn’t that the truth Marc and Joe!

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Sorry, I do not recall. I will be sure to check around the house we are closing on, and have them cleared. Thanks for the tip.

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